The Plan.

This guide has been drawn up by The New Awakening to give you a basic understanding of our intentions. This plan is currently in action across all four states of the Pacific Northwest. The path of the individual will naturally differ. Following these steps will ensure your path to Final Victory.

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Phase One: Building yourself

Step 1 - Disillusionment with the system

Frustrated man

If you are reading this, you are most likely at the stage where you have nothing left to gain from the status quo remaining in power. The intentions of the current government are willfully stifling your life as an individual. Their plan is for the complete destruction of our race, heritage, history, culture, and all of what you hold dear. Answer the call and rise with your folk.

Step 2 - Education on the solution

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In order to prevent White Genocide, you will naturally seek out a solution. Libertarianism, Civic Nationalism, Theocracy, Fascism, etc, have all proven themselves to be incapable of success. By this stage, have realized that all of the aforementioned ideologies are insufficient to save us from our present catastrophe. In reading the writings of Adolf Hitler, you will see how to resolve the problem.

In every sense, we must establish an ethnostate that seeks to emulate and eventually surpass the glory of the Third Reich. National Socialism is the worldview that will train you to steel your mind, body and soul for the coming tasks.

Step 3 - Migration to the Northwest

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When you are an adult and have the necessary finances, you are ready to migrate to the Homeland. The settlement of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana (west of I-15) is acceptable. The Northwest Imperative explains why your migration is required, and thus you must embrace it. As a follower of The New Awakening, you will find your home in our communities. Among your comrades and their families, you will be in the proper environment to begin Phase Two.

Phase Two: Building your family

Step 4 - Creation of your own family

Man with family

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. By creating life, you will fulfill the central part of our program, the propagation of our racial future. Regardless of your age, education, or any other excuse, you should immediately set out to have children, as quickly as possible. For every child you have, our racial opponents are having at least three. To set a pace against this decline, we need to increase our numbers rapidly. You will be granted the personal happiness National Socialism offers by having large families of at least four children. In the wider environment of a National Socialist community, your children will be brought up correctly and will not run the risk of being swallowed by degeneracy.

Step 5 - Self-sufficiency

Grain silo

A large part of breaking away from the system is personal responsibility. Free yourself from the reliance on major corporations and the Kosher poison they sell. By feeding and clothing yourself, you will be producing the goods necessary for the maintenance of a simple life. Producing and selling your own items to the community will help sustain, along with your career, the large family that you are building. Self-sufficiency is required for later stages when having a support infrastructure is necessary for victory.

Step 6 - Activism

People connected together

For the purpose of propaganda distribution, seek to build a "Trouble Trio". Assembled of three men from members in your local area, this team will closely work on recruitment, public awareness, and the increasing of our area of influence. Your actions will capture the attention of others, and naturally will inspire them to join our cause or flee. Through your teams' activities, you to develop strong bonds that will survive the struggle to come. Working alone is forbidden and a breach of Operational Security.

For more information on Trouble Trio's, read The Brigade by Harold Covington

Step 7 - Communities

Group of homes

Our folk have been demoralized to the point that they have the mindset of herd animals. This pushes them into whichever group they believe will provide them with the most security and prosperity. To break them away from the current system, The New Awakening will have a system ready to replace it.

As our families grow and interact, they will quickly begin to blossom into a National Socialist community. In time, this will attract others of strong character until we outnumber those who do not believe in our path.

Step 8 - Breaking from the system

Denial of modern world

If you have followed the previous steps, breaking from the system will not be difficult at this stage. Any wide reliance on or respect for federal and state authority will permanently discontinue. Undermining the system's ability to exercise its power in the region is paramount. This damage should not be visible in any sense, yet.

Phase Three: Building your nation

Step 9 - The revolutionary movement

Men waving flags

The revolutionary movement now bursts onto the scene. By adopting the tactics of the Kampfzeit ("the time of Struggle") and teachings of Commander Rockwell, the revolutionary movement will be aggressive in nature. We intend, in every instance, to be unhindered by the law without damaging the honor or integrity of the movement. Flash demonstrations, organized by the already experienced Trouble Trio's, will be the source of this activity. To incite enormous attention, the movement must insist on the use of the swastika and the use of uniforms to ram home the core tenet of discipline, order, and organization. Every man involved in these demonstrations must be able to defend themselves from enemy attacks and positively crush them on the streets. Practical, real, and visible power is as important as the creation of wide-ranging infrastructure.

Step 10 - The movement grows

Large group of people

The movement, and your part in it, will have visibly grown. The number of Trouble Trio's and our own communities will have dramatically increased. Now stretching over a huge expanse land and involving an enormous number of people, our influence and power will challenge the system's grasp over our lives.

The need for ideological purity will not be up for discussion. Throughout the organization, absolute belief in National Socialism and the Northwest Imperative is demanded. Our fanaticism will be the shield, of which the system will not be able to destroy. The unified faith in our path will be our weapon, of which the system will not be able to repel.

Step 11 - The system fades

Decaying ruin

As this all occurs, the real power of the system will have begun to fade. Not only will they be unable to stop an active and widespread National Socialist movement, but they will be incapable of presenting themselves as the monolithic power they used to pretend to be. From your journey beginning as a migrant to the northwest, you will have taken part in this transformation. The eventual elimination of the system will have been your work, in conjunction with the wider goals and actions of the movement itself and its leadership.

Step 12 - Our men on the inside

Cop and soldier with swastikas

Converts within the ranks of the government, police, and army will be invaluable during the total collapse of the system. As the people see the system losing its already weak grip, they will begin to openly undermine it. Local police will begin to switch their loyalties and will be able to openly practice their politics without the chance of reprisal. Soldiers will openly display National Socialist thought and will convert their own comrades to the cause and keep their powder dry for the all-important days to come.

If you are a currently apart of the police or armed forces, you will be a crucial part of this. Since many young men join the armed forces, they will be specifically targeted for recruitment on the basis that they are the most likely to be disillusioned with the system. Your desire for the experience and skills that the armed forces offered you, will be heavily valued by all. The same applies to the recruitment of veterans, for their skills, experience, and their understanding of just how evil the system is.

Step 13 - Capitulation or elimination of the system

Formalizing transfer of power

The time will come when the powers that be, will no longer prove able to enforce the laws that strangled our race and pushed us toward extinction. Acting in accordance with the principles of The New Awakening, our folk, both migrants and native homelanders, will have built the necessary infrastructure and the fighting force to defend themselves. With this gradual decline of their power, the remnants of our race will flock in the thousands to their future Homeland, running from extreme persecution and death. When only the guilt-ridden do-gooders, Zionist evangelicals, and the servants of the synagogues of Satan are left, they will lack the willing slaves to enforce their tyranny.

As things come to a head, the system will cease to be able to reap a profit or maintain their power in the Pacific Northwest. They will either voluntarily capitulate or they will be removed by force. The legal establishment of an independent National Socialist state in the Pacific Northwest will follow this. The existence of our people and the future for white children will only be realized by those who have adamantly fought against White Genocide and risked their own life for something far greater than themselves.

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